Balancing the Equation Seminar with Yuri Marmerstein

Balancing the Equation Seminar with Yuri Marmerstein

Začátek a konec akce: 4.5. v 10:00 – 5.5. do 18:00

Text pořádatele: "Weekend Course in Brno includes two full days of training and instruction. Each day will consist of two 3-hour sessions with a 2-hour lunch break in between.

Topics of instruction include: Hand Balancing for all levels, bodyweight strength, floor acrobatics, „movement“, rehab/prehab and physical preparation, flexibility/mo­bility, and recovery work.

The subjects will be taught from different perspectives from complete beginner to a professional level. More important than that is that the concept of how to learn and teach the skills as an adult, which will be covered in great detail.

Basic schedule for the weekend:

Saturday: Beginner and Intermediate Hand Balance

  • Physical preparation for the training
  • Alignment Work
  • Arm Support
  • Inversion
  • Dealing with fear and stress when learning the handstand
  • Progressions towards balancing a freestanding handstand
  • Learning to use the three layers of balance to build strength, control, and lead into more advanced skills

*Useful for all levels. Beginners get an idea of how to approach the training, while int/adv students learn higher levels of refinement and different perspectives. Part of the curriculum is also how to effectively teach the material.

Sunday: Int/Adv Hand Balance, Recovery, and floor acrobatics

  • Soft tissue release, mobility work, and other tricks to stay healthy and increase longevity in training
  • Progressions towards more advanced hand balance skills like the press handstand, handstand pushups, movement and transitions within HS, and the one arm handstand
  • Physical and Psychological preparation for floor acrobatics
  • The differences between learning tumbling skills as an adult or a child
  • The differences between gymnastics, tricking, capoeira and other styles of floor based movement
  • How refinement of basics leads towards advanced skills
  • Progressions for basic floor acrobatic skills such as butterfly kick, macaco, back tuck or handspring(may be dependent on the equipment available and level of the group)

About the event:

  • The format is very open and the schedule is more of a loose outline. Curriculum of a course is unique to that course and is dependent on the level of the participants, what they want to learn, and the equipment we have available.
  • All levels and backgrounds welcome. This is a unique learning experience that can be applied to different perspectives.
  • The main idea behind the material is to use acrobatic movements as a tool to help develop increased body control and self-awareness.
  • The 2-day course is a way to really get into the finer details of the skills that cannot be expressed fully in a short class or workshop.

Price: $415 USD for the weekend $340 USD for registration before March 14 Discounts available for anyone who has previously attended one of my weekend courses(email me at for the discount code)

About Yuri: Yuri is a professional acrobat based out of Las Vegas who originally came from a self-taught background and only started training as an adult. He has performed on the Las Vegas Strip and on Broadway. In addition, he is the author of the ebook „Balancing the Equation“; a full breakdown of the process of learning how to perform a handstand as an adult. Over the years, Yuri's training has included martial arts, gymnastics, circus arts, capoeira, weightlifting, and dance among other disciplines. This gives him a unique perspective on how to teach the skills to anyone regardless of level, age or background. The last few years Yuri has been traveling the world teaching and sharing his knowledge with different communities."

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